James a nomad traveler

Hack to Start podcast interview

I joined Franco and Tyler to share how I learned to code, why I like working with startups, and how I manage it all while travelling the world

Getting back into iPhone photography

Learning to love my iPhone camera, my favourite tools, tips and tricks along with some of my latest iPhone only photos from recent trips.

A guide to taking better travel photography photos

I have traveled to 14 countries so far, mostly Europe, but also Egypt, America and the Philippines. As a nomad photographer I have learnt the majority of my skills while on the move.

An old country with new eyes

Travel can also be totally unremarkable if you don't make the most of it, what I found from living in a single location was the decease of becoming complacent, leading a stale life, falling into the abise of receptiveness, travel can and could be the same.

No wind days in El Gouna

I'm just about to leave El Gouna, one of the world's Kiteboarding hot spots. Thousands of people visit here every year to take part in this awesome sport and I've loved being a part of it.

Finding the perfect travel partner

I've learned that there are things you should definitely look out for in a travel companion. For me it was an easy choice.

The start of something more

The journey to how I became co-owner Simple as Milk one of the worlds leading web user experience studios.

Always told I would fail

How the educational system and govenment put road blocks at every turn to discourage entrepreneurialism. How I got off the benefit system and into owning my own successful business.

Living in a startup world

It recently dawned on me how much I use and depend on tech startups for travel and how glad I am that they each bring something new and useful to my life.

Airlines; they're not always evil

People only ever complain about airlines so here is a story about how it could have gone much worse.

A day out to Morskie Oko :Through the lens

It had been a week since arriving in Zakopane, Poland, and I'd not yet had a chance to explore much of the area. Enough was enough, it was time to head out into the Polish Tataras, get some fresh air, and shoot some photos.

The weight of things

It's true what they say; when you live a consumerist life, the things you buy start to own you. I was one of those people after selling everything I own to travel the world made me far happiyer and gave me the freedom to enjoy life.

Tinder, the ultimate travel tool

Tinder classes itself as a 'social style app for meeting people' but most use it to get laid. However I utalise Tinder to connect with locals of my age range, with the same personality/tastes, and then I can ask them directly for recommendations.

A foray into nightclub photography

A new nightclub was opening locally and needed a photographer to shoot at the opening event. Having never done nightclub photography before, and with only a little experience shooting events for friends, conferences, and startup launches, I was unsure about jumping in at the deep end.

The Sony A7 - 4 months in

Selling my Canon 5D mk2 for something far more travel friendly the Sony A7. Some photos, my expeirences with it and a not so technical review.

Norwegian Fjords :Through the lens

Norway has the highest number of fjords on the planet, Formed when sea water flooded the valleys and glaciers retreated creating some of natures most beautiful landscapes. Here are the results of my trip;

Miniatur Wunderland :Through the lens

The Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway in the world and one of the biggest attractions in Hamburg, Germany. I went along to take a look and take some photos.

Confidence is sexy

Everyone struggles with confidence at some stage or another, whether it’s confidence in their appearance, abilities, undergoing a life changing event, or just in general. Luckily confidence is not something you are born with, it is something you learn and build up over time.

Spotify vs Rdio

I have been using & loving Rdio for 6 months, it was only till I started to travel that I came up against these issues, and its for these reasons I have gone back to Spotify.

Skin Candy, A Brighton tattoo studio :Through the lens

Skin Candy in Brighton is the most beautifully decorated tattoo studio I’ve seen and photographing it was a joy. Decorated throughout in vintage attire with beautifully taxidermied animals on every wall.

Traveling & working out

Training while traveling its a real pain, trying to find a gym to work out at is hard, and carrying 200kg of equipment with me is out the question, So I put together a "can do anywhere" workout to help keep myself and others fit while on the move.

The world is my oyster

I’ve recently found myself traveling so frequently that within the past 2 months I've only been home for a total of 17 days, that’s an awful lot of outgoings for a place I've hardly used. This has lead me to the following decision...