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An old country with new eyes

3rd July 2014

Travel can also be totally unremarkable if you don't make the most of it, what I found from living in a single location was the decease of becoming complacent, leading a stale life, falling into the abise of receptiveness, travel can and could be the same.

No wind days in El Gouna

1st July 2014

I'm just about to leave El Gouna, one of the world's Kiteboarding hot spots. Thousands of people visit here every year to take part in this awesome sport and I've loved being a part of it.

Six months since I sold everything and left to travel the world

24th June 2014

It's now been 6 months since I sold everything in the UK and left to travel the world, and so far it has been the most enjoyable and enlightening experience of my life.

A guide to taking better travel photography photos

Things I've learned traveling and photographing through 14 countries

A day out to Morskie Oko

A hike through the Polish Tatras.